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Monday, March 12, 2018

More fleeces

 I have someone interested in the fleece skirts.
As I pull the bad off the fleeces, instead of it going
on the ground for me to pick up later, it goes in the 
box that is sitting on the scale. The reader is up
on top of the hay (on trailer under green tarp).

All of these fleeces have a lot of fine hay seed
along their spines. Some have larger pieces that
will be easy enough to shake, or pick out.
And some may still have some round poop balls.
The lambs think their mothers are great to climb on,
and others pooped on them when they were laying down.
At $5/lb. I am not going to put any more effort
into these fleeces than the heavy skirting that I've done.
Dorset/Romney with a touch of Jacob
2nd shearing
3-4" staple
7# $35 plus shipping

 Unfortunately he was the shortest of the boys
and he was eaten over a lot.

If I don't sell Carl's fleece come Mother's Day,
it will go with us to the NH Sheep & Wool Festival
to get dropped off with Zeilinger Wool Company.
I will have them make it into combed top.
4-5" staple
VM down spine
4# 10 oz.
$25 plus shipping

MUDDY tips

 The bottom picture is of the same locks in the 
picture before. A couple of hot water soaks with 
a little blue Dawn and a couple of hot water rinses.
At this point, it is still stained. But, that is mud 
and manure mixed from all the rain we had last year.
I will comb this out and spin it to see if it looks 
any better. Or if it is a candidate for the dye pot.
Just a teaser!
These are 3 of our Dorset/Romney fleeces
that I stashed from last year's shearing.
These girls were not tagged, so I am not 100%
sure who is who. But, the fleeces are a lot cleaner than
this year's for 3 reasons. #1-They were sheared in 
January, and #2-They were sheared before the lambs
were born, and #3-I was in charge of feeding hay out.

 This part of the post is mainly to show off our 
shades of gray and brown. If you are interested
in one, or more, of these 3 fleeces let me know.
They are $8/lb. I haven't weighed them yet, nor 
taken pictures of the staples, nor do I know the
staple length. But, we can do that if you are interested.
The gray brown in the top picture on the left is 
available for $20 plus shipping. Email if you are 
interested and want more pictures.
2 1/2-3 1/2" staple
3+ pounds $15 plus shipping
VM down spine

2 1/2-5" staple
shorter staple and VM down spine
(looks like she found a place to rub...)
3# 13 oz. $20 plus shipping

My helper and today's set up.

4-5" staple
VM down spine 
$18 plus shipping

Patty Duke
3+" staple
VM down spine
$22 plus shipping