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Please email me at eweifarm@msn.com with the fleece(s) you'd like and your zip code. I will get back to you with your shipping options. I take PayPal and money order/cashier checks as payment. Please visit often as I have lots of fleeces to post!!

Thursday, September 20, 2018


If there is a fleece here that you are interested in, let me know before next Wednesday (9/25/18). All of our fleeces will be loaded into the van and the horse trailer to go to the Vermont Sheep & Wool Festival in Tunbridge, Vermont on the 29th and 30th.

When we pack up on Sunday night everything will stay in the van and the horse trailer as we have a show the following weekend at the Wool Arts Tour. We will be in our usual spot at Spinner Farm in Deering, NH.




Saturday, July 14, 2018

We need to build one of these!!

As much alpaca fiber as hubby brings home every spring, we need to build our own tumbler. The mill that spins my Horned Dorset also raises and processes alpaca. She suggested we tumble the dirt out before we wash it. And that we do both before sending it to her.




A much cheaper version. A llama blow out box.

An inexpensive skirting table.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

2 or the projects I am working on from our own Wool n' Ewe lines

 This is our 75% Romney wool/25% Mohair (angora goat)
sock yarn. The ball weighed 4.5 oz. and I have knit 3.6 oz
so far. It is the Virus Shawl. I am knitting it with an F hook.
I debated on going up to a G hook, but decided I like the 
firmer look. So far, unblocked, it measures 42" across 
the top, 18" from the top to the point, and  from point to
the one top end it is 32". I might do a dry block when I
finish knitting from the one skein to see how big it will
be. That will determine if it will be done is just the one
skein, or if I will pull a 2nd from my sale display.
This was the 2nd yarn we had spun for us by Zeilinger
 Wool Company. This is one of my 2 biggest sellers.
I am crocheting strips for an afghan out of our original
DK weight yarn also spun by Zeilinger Wool Company.
This is a very firm yarn. It is great for boot socks, mittens,
and weaving. I am taking it off the market and just making
us an afghan for our personal use. At least all of the smaller
skeins. I did not notice until just now that the pink has got a 
zig zag working its way down the strip. I wonder if they all do.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

I am in high hopes

of getting in the guest bedroom today to pull a couple of more fleeces out to post for sale.

Stayed tuned!!
Is it garbage, part 2

Monday, July 2, 2018

Is it really garbage-My views and sharing a blog post from the Spinning Loft

This blog post is worth reading about 'garbage' fleeces. I work with them myself, or put them in the compost. Maybe I should be offering more of these here as well? I've got some waiting for me to heal in the garage that the fiber is drop dead gorgeous, but dirty and FULL of VM. They are the type of fleece that if I don't sell I would either comb and spin, or send to Zeilinger Wool Company (zwool.com) to be made into combed top. But, at the same time, for anyone willing to work with a fleece and clean it in smaller installments than an entire fleece at once, and take the time to shake out most/all of the VM,  you would get awesome results. Sometimes the best yarn comes from something that just needed a little extra love and care. 
That said, go check out this blog post from the Spinning Loft. And, then, please, go check out the rest of our fleeces.